the eating meat song

I eat meat

i like the meat yet i dont like the meat

i mean, i would rather not eat at all

especially not meat.

i see turkey, cow and bison, chicken faces, fish. -------- 
I know you said it would be alright and you were ok with this
I wish they could see my love for all this giving, mostly of your flesh. So here is chorus giving thanks, my friends and sustenance:

six blue jay calls

and a cold morning feb.

the rest of the snow

the dogs at the heb.

the chicken in the cage

the cat at the door

i love you so much

i wish i could love you more.

Verse 2

Shrimp and lobster, scallops, mussels, baby escargo

chicken, fried, battered, baked and crock pot – tandori on the side

and then i look at vegetables and see some faces too.

mushrooms, romaine, carrots, turnips

sprouts are eaten alive.


Verse 3

Dont even get me started on a pig or a pork, i can not look you in the eye

nor a lamb or a veal chop, no no no thats where i draw the line.

not goat, nor cat, nor horse, nor dog

well, maybe a frog.



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cracks for the white rainbow wind to finally get in

#artoftheday #cracks for where the #love #pours in. #white #rainbow #wind #painting

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ah Ou day  yan

the rainbow wind

ah ou day yna

white rainbow wind

get in get in get in get in






Alli Oop

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get along little doggie get along

get along little pony sing a song

dont you know that the trail is weavy and its long

and there aint no where to go but home to mom

the day after groundhog day

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I found the yellow tree, I found the yellow tree

whilst stumbling in the dark one night

first i laid upon the pink puffy nest until i felt i’d had some rest

then crawled under the lemon tree and let the songs become my crest



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Something big happened yesterday. A shift in how women are treated on this planet. It is real, palpable and effective. No more stepping aside for men to get a bigger serving. No more putting up with energy that is not ours (mine).Finally we are having our voice and it will not go away this time.

Creative Practice

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Creative practice yields bushels full of initiation

into my day.

Engaging with a story unfolding as I make maps with

stitches onto canvas,

then gesso, glue to paper, paper to surface

of canvas,

acrylic paint.

listening or seeing the color before I put it

whatever we, i, you, them who, what.  have as an ongoing practice, to measure with, to ask questions and see symbol or sound, smells in the wind….

this sort of thing

brings meaning and melody

wisdom and whist.

I meant, toads.

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whale blow

when i dream about a whale in my car spewing blow onto someone else’s porch wallpaper and it sticks, and she doesnt like it at all

when my presence in her life makes not a tidy picture, so banish me in order to not deal with it.

i dont mean to sound bitter, tho maybe like really dark chocolate

i am deep and rich

i returned to innocence last month.  It used to hurt to know that you are me somehow – how i cast myself upon a jagged sea of unlove, sometimes.


not anymore please.


the quiet was so loud

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THe silence i was listening to for the last few days was deafening.

I was on a raft without a seeming tide.

I had let go the string from my old belongings and places,

the paintings, the process, the writing, the songs, the living,…..


i asked.

then let go the string and slept awhile.

I wondered

“will i ever paint again

sell again

show again

live again?”

I looked around

noticing what attracted me

the embroidery some are doing

then this morning out of the blue

i came back solidly to my canvas work

which involves some stitching.

I am re engaged again.

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Whilst creating a study plan for today’s guitar lesson, we are working with finger picking from Am to Em chords.  In the process, humming a melody, creating a song.  Jotting words down of observations and wishes.  This is a way to make a song.

That and learning the Minor Pentatonic Scale:

 Scale representation thanks to